Lilla Rogers Make Art that Sells MATS world blog tour

Well, I'm not the only one who has been working his/her socks off on the MATS course.
Some of my fellow students and new friends are doing a blog tour and today it is my turn, along with two others:

I'd like to introduce Melinda Hopkirk of Crouch River Studio

and Deb Trevitt

Aren't those bears the biz?

As you can see we all have very different styles and approaches, which makes it a lot of fun.  There is a great community feel to the group, and although we have never met each other and are based all over the world, we have become friends.  Plus we now have a huge pool of artists to bounce ideas off and share information and experience.  It's all good.

The course was really fast paced and hugely informative and covered a vast amount of ground in the five weeks of part A.  It was like a rocket fuelled version of art college, and just the kick up the backside I needed to get cracking, as Lilla says.  I am still recovering.

Scroll down a couple of posts if you haven't seen my MATS work (and want to...)

For a whirlwind world art blog tour, take a look at these talented people...

Aisha Khan
Linda Tordoff
Martina Lendhardt
Melissa Doran
Hung Yu Chen
Stephanie Corfee
Jo Chambers
Son Atwal
Rachel Schafer
Sarah Ehlinger
Jen Burbridge
Carolina Coto
Claire Lordon
Eva Marion Seyffarth
Anna Whitford
Mary Tanana
Jennifer Wambach
Victoria Johnson
Danielle McDonald
Jennifer Appel
Wendy Brightbill
Renske de Kinkelder
Andrea van Dalen
Ohn Mar Win
Jill Byers
Sarah Gager
Sophie Verhille
Angie Sandy
Jordan Vinograd Kim
Nicole Piar
Aileen Tu
Christine Witte
Emily Dyer
Diane Neukirch
Lisa Deighan
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