Lilla Rogers MATS week 3

This course is amazing and exhausting.  I love every minute.

This week was children's book illustration, which I have always wanted to have a go at.  We started off sketching bird characters - mine were heading in a comical cartoony direction.

When we got the final brief it was to illustrate the cover or a two page spread of a rather dreary Russian folk tale called The Language of the Birds.  It's really about the exploits of a boy called Ivan who learns bird language, almost gets murdered by his parents as a result (although if my daughter learnt bird language I'd be very happy for her and let her live), becomes a sailor, marries the King's daughter and ends up with his dad as his servant.  The mum dies or leaves.  Not very uplifting really, and my cheeky band of birds refused to do the gig.  They have requested a later appearance on a t-shirt instead, so watch this space.

So... as I was working most of the week I only had Wednesday to do this, and hadn't really noticed we were also supposed to do hand lettering.  I have never done any hand lettering and had no idea where to start, but the whole thing came together in the end.

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