Apps on the iPad part 6: Paper 53

First of all... God Save The Queen.
Despite the typical British weather (rain) I think most of us Brits had a good time today with our soggy street parties and rainy river pageants.

On to the app, when I first tried Paper I loved the calligraphic quality of the free pen but as with most art apps, the output was too small for me to use apart from sketching. I was very pleased to see the latest update, with PDF export meaning I can now resize my drawings to nice big prints. So I have now bought the whole extended tool kit (£4.99) with markers, pencils, fine liners and watercolours and they work well as a mixed media combo.
I'm hoping that future updates will include zoom, layers and a colour wheel, in which case I will love it even more than Adobe Ideas.
I should also mention that you can export to camera roll as a PNG, and by clicking the camera roll icon you can configure it to have a transparent background - so just about big enough for a T-shirt print.
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