Rewire time.

So, apologies for the lack of blogging.  This is what has been happening in the Squirrell house for the last two months...

The wiring was shocking (ha!) and the icicles on the ceiling and general decor were less than gorgeous.
So, rewired the whole house.  Gulp.

Stripped the yellow basket-weave wallpaper.  Discovered distemper paint, scrubbed it off the chimney breast (took forever). Gave up on the other walls,reluctantly boarded them all.  

And the ceilings.

Mmm, nice.

Plastered.  The house looked like a cave at this stage.  Cold and damp.

Sanded and varnished the parquet floor (see previous post).
Decorated, added picture shelves, reassembled the rooms.
Fast forward to today.  

Time for a cold beer/glass of wine.

Phew! Never again.

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